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Best Block in Colorado, Maybe the World

Thank you to Heiditown for the wonderful review of our Main Street Pueblo coffee house and independent bookstore!


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Since 2004!

We've been roasting coffee using Solar Energy since 2004! Our process is just as unique today as it was 20 years ago. While all other commercial coffee roasters are using gas roasters that harm the environment we use combustion free heat!

What Coffee Lovers Are Saying

Solar Roast Decaffeinated Coffee
is soooooo delicious.  I can drink it all day long and feel great. I
know that sounds like a coffee commercial, but for us coffee lovers,
it’s a big deal.

Deborah Bass - https://deborahbass.com

I really like this coffee. Great quality, amazing aroma and it’s NOT bitter.
Best so far as a ‘light roasted’


Their Ethiopian beans are amazing, I've never had better beans for my home brew coffee.

Dane Andersen (via Google)

I love Solar Roast! We give our out-of-town family Solar Roast Coffee every year for X-Mas.

Stephanie Bratcher (via Google)

Just received my solar roast coffee beans through the mail, quick and easy. It is great to enjoy the wonderful coffee in the convenience of my own home.

Suzie Leow (via Facebook)

"Best block in Colorado, maybe the world!"


I am pretty picky when it comes to coffee. I love dark roast coffee and
use a specific brand for caffeinated but was trying to find a good
option for decaf. I’ve had a lot of decaf that was just not that good
but this decaf is probably the best I’ve had. It has a lot of good rich
dark flavor. I love to mix it with my caffeinated coffee for a little
half calf. If you like good dark roast coffee, I definitely recommend
trying solar roast

Chrissy @ WholeFoods

100% Organic

Solar Roast Coffee is Certified 100% USDA and Colorado State Certified Organic, specializing in single origin coffee from all over the world.

High Elevation Living and Low Temperature Roasting

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